Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Another product I love and seem to have lots of is lipbalms and I recently got an amazing organic one for Christmas by Evolution of Smooth. The one I have is called Sweet Mint and it is beautiful, smells delicious and makes my lips feel amazing. It comes in a cute little round pot and is 95% organic.

 It really is a lovely lipbalm and is not gloopy, sticky or too "thin" feeling like some lipbalms, I like to feel the lipbalm is thick so it's actually moisturising your lips and this definitely feels like that. It's shape means you can actually apply it from the pot, like a lipstick. Its petrolatum, gluten and paraben free, packed with shea butter and comes in six different flavours including Lemon Drop and Strawberry Sorbet. Yum!

The lipbalms can be purchased from www. zuneta.com and retail at only £5.95 and even better the website is offering free UK delivery on all orders at the time of writing! 


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