Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday Nails: Green and Grey

Thought I would paint my nails with a teeny bit of sparkle today and chose some Barry M  and W7 nailpolishes.

 L-R the colours are Barry M 293 Grey, Barry M 304 Mint Green, and W7 shade 8 in Green Dazzle.

I hadn't heard of W7 until I saw it in a bargain type shope (Watt Bros) in town, they literally had loads of colours and I thought at £1.95 a bottle there wouldnt be much to lose. Despite being so cheap there is actually loads of glitter particles in it and it gives good coverage. 
Initially I just thought I would do a plain ring finger type manicure with a pop of colour to lift the grey polish as it's quite a dark slate grey colour but topped the green with an extra coat of sparkle.
 Barry M polishes are priced at £2.99, have won loads of awards as they are great in terms of price, colour range and turnover with regards to duping colours from more high-end brands. They are available in most pharmacies on the high street and online at W7 also comes in loads of shades, their website says over 65, is only £1.95 and are available at  Cheap and cheerful for some Friday sparkle!


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