Sunday, 26 February 2012

MAC Lipsticks and Liners: Part 2, Lipsticks
Continuing with the MAC haul from yesterday are the three lipsticks I picked up.
First up is Lustre Lipstick in See Sheer. As the title suggests this coral shade gave a soft sheer finish with a bit of gloss to it.
This shade went smoothly onto my skin, and was subtle and totally comfortable to wear. I think it is a perfect shade for Spring as it was nice and fresh looking. You can see from the second picture taken in the daylight that it wore off to a stain type finish eventually.
 Next was the Lady Gaga inspired Viva Glam Gaga 2 Amplified Creme Lipstick. (I don't know about anyone else but I'm really excited to get my hands on the Ricky Martin and Niki Minaj Viva Glam range when it hits stores very soon!) But anyway, back to the Gaga 2 shade. This was a creamy nude that I absolutely fell in love with once it was on my skin.

 Lastly is Pink Noveau Satin Lipstick, the middle picture shows the shade with the flash and the last one is in natural daylight to show the almost blueish tones of the colour.
This is a fab bubblegum pink shade which is fun if you like bright lips and fancy a chage from red. So that's it for my Saturday purchases! All of the lipsticks are priced at £13.50. What's your favourite MAC lipstick?



  1. love MAC!!

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  2. Ooohh my friend was wearing 'Pink Nouveau' the other day and I complimented her on it and asked what it was. It's 'fun' and bright without being over-the-top, and she said it "wouldn't come off" as she'd eaten and drunk with it and 5hrs later it was still bright. I think I might treat myself one day! Great posts! x

  3. Love the Viva Glam Gaga will deffo be purchasing that some point next week x

  4. i love the first one such a lovely natural red colour
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. Thanks for the comments guys! I love MAC, and with the Viva Glam all the proceeds go to charity so you can feel good about your purchase as well :) Loving all the shades so trying to decide which one to wear first...xx

  6. I would definitely wear the red shades! I haven't purchased many things from MAC but I saw a few matte lipsticks and I was wondering what you thought of those ones? Or is the color better as a gloss?

    Great blog!


  7. I love the red lipsticks from MAC and Ruby Woo and Russian Red are two great matte shades for a classic bold red lip look! Definitely go for it and get one. So classic and glamourous. :) A matte shade can be a bit drying but I always wear a thin layer of non-glossy lipbalm before I put it on as any matte lipsticks tend to highlight if your lips are dry. Good luck and thanks for your comment! x

  8. love all these shades :) i'm obsessed with impassioned, creme de nude and hue. so lovely shades and perfect for summer :)
    you have a very nice blog, dear! :))


  9. Thanks! I love Impassioned as well, Hug Me and Lady Danger. So many to choose from. Checked out your blog, lots of nice fashion posts! :)


  10. My favourite MAC lipstick is Russian Red, as I love red lips soo much!
    All these colours look gorgeous!
    Charlotte Couture Blog

    1. I love Russian Red too! Loving your blog :) x

  11. I love the pink ones! :)


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