Saturday, 25 February 2012

MUA Make Up Academy Lipstick 
What can you get for £1?... not much!  Readers in the UK will know that Superdrug have a bargain make up range exclusive to them available in their stores in the form of MUA. Every item is £1, including mascaras, lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushers. 
At first I was a bit sceptical about what a lipstick priced at £1 could offer but I was pleasantly surprised with this. I bought shade 14 in Bare All, a matte nude. 
The packaging is pretty basic plastic but not totally unttractive, and it has a disc at the bottom of the tube which shows the colour for easy reference when it's floating around beside other black tubes of lipstick and you can't find what you are looking for!
Bare All is a warm nude shade which went on pretty well and felt comfortable on my lips and not drying in any way.

The second swatch was taken using a brighter flash on the camera to show that in harsher light the shade looked less warm. But it's still a pretty nude which would work with lots of darker, eyeshadow looks or just a very simple "no make up" make up look.
 Although Bare All is a new shade there are plenty more in the range to choose from and for £1, I would say it's a pretty decent bargain. I plan on stocking up on some more MUA products to see if the other things in the range are as good value. It's certainly one good inexpensive way of trying out colours you may not have usually. Go on, be brave with one of the bright shades for the price of less than most magazines! The MUA range is available in Superdrug.


  1. I love the MUA lipsticks they're such a bargain and I find that they are much longer lasting than a few of my higher priced lippies. x

  2. Yeah I'm really chuffed with it! Will definitely be stocking up on some more! And thanks for the follow x

  3. the colour is gorgeous!
    if i could pull of lipstick, i would definitely invest in one :)


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