Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sleek Pout Paint Review
Another product I picked up recently when I was on my Sleek haul and bought some lipsticks from Sleek was the Pout Paint.

This teeny tiny tube is only 8mls and claims to provide complete coverage with just one tiny drop. I bought 156 shade "Peachy Keen", and with 11 colours in the range, you can mix lip pigments together to create your own unique shade. as I only bought one I just had this colour to test but may try to customise some shades in the future! Apparently adding the blue shade will add depth, and the white shade will lighten any of the other colours in the range.
 The tube's packaging is pretty basic, I liked how it was see through and you could see the shade of the product, the narrow nozzle ensured you only squeeze a little bit of product out. The consistency of the pigment is quite glossy and thick, almost like emulsion.
 It's claim of being highly saturated with colour was certainly true, as when I rubbed the colour onto my hand with my finger, a tiny amount provided a high gloss, satiny type effect.
It was a little difficult to work around but a bit of rubbing with my finger gave a more sheer, satiny finish.
 The coral/peach colour may not be for everyone but I think the product certainly lives up to it's claim of being highly pigmented and long lasting. I thought it was slightly sticky and a little bit drying once on my lips but the colour lasted very well so a little tube is all you need. The Pout Paint is priced at £4.99 and is available from Superdrug stores, or online at 
Has anyone else tried these paints, or mixed up their own shades?



  1. These Pout Paints sound amazing! Looks really pigmented too :) I really like Sleek products. It's good quality minus the expensive price tag xo

    Sophia @ Beauty In My Mind

  2. I bought a few of those today, need to play with them! This colour would be brilliant for spring!

  3. Yes, I love these coral-y shades :) Looking forward to see the pout paint colours you have if you do any posts on them! x


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