Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!

I have been awarded my first Versatile Blogger award by http://lipstick-fridays.blogspot.com/ !!! I'm so excited and can't believe it, I'm really chuffed and just want to say thanks to Lipstick Fridays as I'm only new to this blogging thing and really just starting out. Be sure to head over and check out her beauty blog as it's fab :)
If you receive this award there are certain rules you have to follow which are:
  •  Thank the person who sends you the award and add a link to their blog in your post
  •  Write 7 random things about yourself
  • Give the award to 15 other bloggers you love and tell them about it!
  • Post the Versatile Blogger Award Picture to your blog!
 I absolutely love reading as many blogs as I can out there, so this bit was hard, picking just 15 out of all the ones I follow and love. So here goes, my nominations in no particular order are:

  1. http://www.misslv.com/
  2. http://flirting-with-fashion.blogspot.com/
  3. http://www.adamalexmommy.com/
  4. http://bellezzababe.blogspot.com/
  5. http://blondeatheartx.blogspot.com/
  6. http://girl-with-a-golden-touch.blogspot.com/
  7. http://myfashionm.blogspot.com/
  8. http://fashionandmie.blogspot.com/
  9. http://lionsandmakeup.blogspot.com/
  10. http://poochytails.blogspot.com/
  11. http://themakeupfairyblog.blogspot.com/
  12. http://www.makeupsavvy.co.uk/
  13. http://justtututiny.blogspot.com/
  14. http://www.nickysbeautyquest.com/
  15. http://www.lauralovesmakeup.com/
Well done everyone!  and thanks again to Lipstick Fridays! xx

My 7 random facts are:
I love watching Sex and the City episodes so much I can usually guess the series by Carrie's outfits (eek!)
My favourite baked potato filling is tuna and cheese
My favourite colour is red
I am obsessed with lipgloss
I drink way too much tea
I'm addicted to trashy gossip magazines
I usually have between 8-10 bottles of perfume on the go at the same time as I can never decide on just one to wear!



  1. Thankyou for the award, well done to you too for being awarded it too x

  2. Congrats Fabugloss! Well done and I am sure lots more awards are on the way! X

  3. Ahh well done on your award and... A HUGE thank you for awarding me with it too- really appreciate it sweetie :)

    I'll do a blog post first thing tomoz :D


  4. Well done ladies you deserve it, your blogs are fab! Keep it up :) xxx

  5. Well done, Thank you for the award :) X

  6. Congrats on the award my dear! I am a SATC fan too but not as good as you to be able to guess Carrie's outfits :)

    Thanks for extending the award to me, here's to our continued blog friendship ;)

    1. No problem! I love your blog so keep it up :) xx

  7. Congrats on the award sweetie!
    Keep it up :)

    Stop by sometime, Natalie xo

  8. Congrats Miss B! If you love SATC (as do we all right?!) check out the latest entry on www.roedybeauty.blogspot.com it's sooo SATC!
    DY & Roe

  9. hey, there! congrats on your award, and thank you so much for awarding me! i feel so honored and thankful that you are my blogging friend. it's always fantastic learning more about my fellow bloggers.... i love sex and the city, too! i used to love lip gloss, but now, i rarely have anything on my lips.... :) hope you have a fabulous wednesday, and thanks again, dear!

    1. No problem! Your blog is fab, and thank you for your sweet comment :) xx

  10. Congratz!! And thnx again you have chosen me for the award!!
    Feel so honored!! THNXXX


  11. Congratulations on the award! I am a huge SATC fan as well, and I've never tried tuna and cheese on a baked potato! Awesome blog, hope you'll stop by and would you like to follow each other?

    1. Haha, now following your fab blog! Yup try it on the baked potato, cheese first so it melts :) xx

  12. Thank you so much :) And Congrats on your award!

    1. Congrats to you! Your blog is great :) xx

  13. Hi Miss B. Thank you for the award, its really sweet. Congrats on being awarded it yourself, keep up the good work x x x


  14. No problem! I love reading your blog :) thanks &congrats! Xx

  15. hey great blog!!! I am catching up all the time
    check mine out http://fabugloss.blogspot.com/

  16. Thanks! I will be sure to check yours out :) x


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