Saturday, 24 March 2012

L'Oreal Caresse Sheer Lipstick in Lovely Rose Review
As I mentioned in my other L'Oreal Caresse post, in the absence of being able to get a hold of the Revlon lip butters at my local Boots I ended up purchasing a couple of L'Oreal's Caresse Lipsticks, which, in the same vein as Revlon, have introduced a sheer lipstick and balm formula.

The packaging is transparent so you can see the gold bullet inside and seemed quite sturdy, the lid give a really satisfying click when closing it!
The other shade I bought, Lovely Rose, is a soft glossy pale pink colour.
L'Oreal's website claims that the formula is soft, featherlight and melts onto the lips. I have to say that all of the former is true, it felt really lovely on, and just like a lightweight lipbalm.

It did give a pop of colour despite it's sheer formula and when it wore off (after about 2 hours) I was left with a bit of a stain on my lips.
You can see from the first swatch picture just how glossy and soft it looks.

It does feel weightless on, but I didn't necessarily find it super moisturising. I would still use some lipbalm, but always do anyway as my lips can get dry in the freezing Scottish weather!
There are ten shades to choose from (according to the L'oreal website) so there should be something for everyone. They are currently available at  Boots in a 3 for 2 deal and normally cost £7.99. I think they are gorgeous, give a pretty and soft finish and are perfect for a daytime Spring look.


  1. this is a really nice colour.

    Elle x

  2. Thank you! and thanks for the follow :) I'm now a new follower of your blog xx


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