Saturday, 17 March 2012

MAC Creamsheen Glass
This fab pink lipgloss is in one of my favourite lipgloss formulas from MAC. I do love all the lipglosses but Creamsheen Glass is one that mixes the shine of a lipglass glosses with the creaminess of the Creamsheen lipsticks. It's really comfortable and soft on your lips and doesn't feel sticky at all but really nice and luxurious.
Loud and Lovely is a hot pink shade which looks pretty sheer in this first swatch but with the flash in the second one you can see the deep blue pink tone of it.
I love the feel of this when wearing it, as with most glosses it's not super long wearing, but does wear off to a nice non-sticky feeling.
It comes in 14 different shades and on the MAC website there are 4 limited editions ones too. They are priced at £16.50 and are available at or in MAC stores.
Does anyone else have a favourite lipgloss formula from MAC?


  1. Gorgeous colour, I love the formula on those

  2. I know, me too. They feel lovely! x

  3. I really love the colors! I might have to go out and buy some. Nice post!


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