Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Napiers Infant Starflower Skin Cream
I have quite dry skin and often find that my face gets small flaky patches on it in the winter. Recently I was in Napiers Herbalists and spotted that they do a range of creams and potions to care for specific skin conditions as well as the usual herbal teas and remedies.
This particular cream is very gentle, soothing and cooling and is formulated for dry irritated skin conditions  in children under 4 yrs old but over 3 months. It's suitable for babies and children as it doesn't contain any essential oils. Adults can use it for eczema and irritated facial skin.
It's unfragranced and sinks in quite quickly onto the skin. Ingredients include cold pressed borage seed (Starflower) oil, chamomile and chickweed herb infused in Sweet Almond oil.
Borage oil is a rich source of the essential fatty acid GLA (gamma linolenic acid), which helps to nourish and strengthen skin. I originally bought this cream to treat a burn I got on my hand whilst cooking (clumsy I know!) and it really helped the healing process and to soothe my skin.
I would say try out some of the herbal remedies at Napiers, you may just be surprised at what's to be discovered! This cream is available online from http://www.napiers.net/infant-starflower-skin-cream.html starting at £7.25 for 60 mls or in Napiers stores.

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