Sunday, 29 April 2012

Essie Peach Daiquiri Nail Polish

Peach Daiquiri is an amazing coral/peach colour which I think is mouthwatering just to look at. When in need of a pick me up I am always drawn to bright coral colours for Spring/Summer. I also think these shades bring out a tan and looks great on holiday.
Essie polishes have a really nice finish after two coats and last pretty well if finished off with a top coat.
The same polish looks more orange in the last picture but I wanted to show the colour in artificial light, and with camera flash.
Essie polishes retail at £9.95 but I found some online here for £7.95. What's your favourite colours for Spring/Summer nails?


  1. This is a really pretty color!


  2. Very summery shade indeed, nothing like a vibrant colour injection to brighten up the day :)

  3. Always love reviews of beauty products, the colour looks great :)

    - Malena

  4. That's such a pretty color! I love all the coral this spring and I've been looking for the perfect coral lipstick and nail polish...I might have to try this one!

  5. WOW! This is a pretty colour but I had no idea Essie is so expensive in UK? It is about the equivalent to $15 USD and it's usually $8.

    1. Yeah I was looking in a London dept store today and it cost £9.95! x

  6. Very nice colour especially for Summer!


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