Friday, 11 May 2012

Lipstick Queen Lipstick in Saint Rose
I recently spent the weekend in London and picked up this lipstick whilst I was there. The Lipstick Queen is Poppy King, who has designed a range of colours and textures that belong to two extremes, Saints and Sinners. All of the lipstick shades come in both formulas with Saints being sheer washes of colour and Sinners being more bold opaque matte shades. I went for a Saint formula and the colour I chose was Rose. First off, I have to say I thought the packaging was gorgeous, and looked very old school glamour, the case itself is gold and metal, but I loved the card and little picture on the sleeve of the packaging.
 Saint Rose is a delicious, sophisticated sheer pink, which felt amazing and moisturising on my lips.
This particular colour is very natural looking, but there are a range of colours to suit which can be found on the Lipstick Queen website and definitely if you were looking for something more bold, I would go with a Sinner formula which has way more pigment. What I love about these lipsticks in both the Saint and Sinner formula is that there is no glitter, shimmer or frost to them, I'm really not a fan of this in a lipstick (maybe a gloss but that's different :))
However, if that is your thing Poppy King also does a shimmer treatment lipstick in her Butterfly Ball range which has a turquoise type iridescence to it, which, in theory because of it's tone, makes teeth appear brighter!

I really like this lipstick and would definitely consider buying something else from the range after my experience with this. Once the sheer gloss fades after a while I was left with a lovely pretty pink tint to my lips. The Saint Rose Lipstick is priced at £17 and is available from SpaceNK there are also liners, glosses and other lip products in the range. I also know that Poppy King has done a range for Boots No 7 as well. To sum up I think this lipstick was a great new discovery!

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  1. Love the packaging! And you picked a lovely shade! xo

    1. Thanks! I love the packaging too :) x

  2. Thank you! Yeah the packaging is lovely isn't it? Simple but really nice :) x

  3. The color is gorgeous! It looks like the perfect lipstick for an everyday look. x

  4. love the colour! xx

  5. Poppy King is such an inspiration to me personally haha! I mean, owner of your own lipstick company when she was 18? amazing. and she still rocks! The Saint formula looks great - I should pick some up for my grandma!

    New follower btw :D

  6. I know! It is amazing :) x


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