Sunday, 8 July 2012

Product of the month MAC Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle

I've skipped a couple of months but since I have been using this almost daily the past few weeks I thought I would have MAC's Cream Colour Base in Virgin Isle to my "products of the month" posts.
Cream Colour Base can be layered over foundation, powder or moisturiser, as it's a cream blush the colour can come off as quite bold or sheer depending on what kind of look you want. I love the punchy orange shade of it but applied lightly it would work well on paler skin tones.
 My one bug bear about this is that the blush can become quite grubby looking and seems to pick up every bit of fluff from your clothes etc and look quite messy in the pan!
Another issue is that MAC appear to have discontinued this particular shade in the Cream Colour Base but do brighter shades in the powder blush formula. I personally love cream blushers and another great product is Stila's Convertible colour in Gladiola which is a bright orange.
A little goes a long way and I tend to apply the cream with my fingers to build up the colour.

Cream Colour bases are priced at £14.50. I don't know what I'll do when I finish this one now that it's discontinued! Think I will stick to my Stila Convertible Colour for a bright orange cream blush fix, unless anyone knows of a good replacement?



  1. Such a pretty color! It is perfect for summer, I love how its a really deep pink.
    Girl Meets Beauty

  2. Lovely colour! xx

  3. Oh I didn't realise it was discontinued! It looks great

    1. Yeah it's a shame it's no more, but I love the colour! x


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