Friday, 24 August 2012

August Empties

Here's a quick run down of what I used up this month:

  1. No 7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream: Love this cream and the day cream version. It's quite thick so I feel it really moisturises my dry skin. I flit between this and the L'Oreal Youth Code one at the moment. £22
  2. Kerastase Specifique Bain Gommage for dry hair: I have a really sensitive scalp and don't always react well to some anti-dandruff shampoos but this doesn't strip my hair and is one of the few shampoos I can use without my scalp going red/itchy/dry. I have been using it for a while now and get through bottles of the stuff. They have recently re-branded the packaging and name to "Bain Exfoliant Hydratant Anti-Dandruff Moisturising Shampoo" and changed the packaging slightly but I'm hoping the product inside does the same job! Definitely a staple in my shower, and I love the smell of it too. £13.55 on but prices can vary. I get mine from my hairdressers usually, but lots of online outlets sell Kerastase.
  3. VO5 Give Me Moisture Conditioner for dry hair: This was a great bargain buy from boots and has a nice fruity smell. I bought it as it claims to give the right moisture levels for your hair, just where you need it. At times when my hair wasn't going through too much of a dry/damaged spell, I did find this a little heavy (my hair is curly, but quite fine even though there's lots of it, awkward huh?) at times. Still a great purchase as the bottle lasted a while and I would probably re-buy it as it leaves the hair really soft. £3.59 for 500ml
  4. MAC Face and Body Foundation: Absolutely love this and I didn't use a while bottle up this month but rather my bottle just ran out so I thought I would include it. Been using this for a while and been alternating between this and my Garnier BB cream. I love the dewy fresh coverage this gives when buffed in with a foundation brush (I use RealTechniques brushes) it makes my skin look lovely and doesn't feel heavy or cakey. Definitely will re-buy as it is my go-to foundation for now and a bottle lasts me ages. You only need a small amount to do your whole face. £26.50
  5. Palmolive Naturals Pampering Touch Shower Milk with Coconut and Moisturising Milk: I've been using this whenever I have a shower at night as I absolutely love the smell. It's really creamy and soothing, it kind of also reminds me of that lovely suncream lotion smell. Its not particularly coconutty but I love it and it's so cheap. Usually £1 or something in any supermarket but I recently got some for 50p as Morrisons were doing an offer. Total bargain!!
  6. MAC Gently Off Eye and Lip Make Up Remover: I love MAC make up but as it can often be really pigmented and long lasting, it can sometimes be difficult to remove. I bought this thinking it would be extra special over my other cleansers and make up removers but to be honest it didn't overly impress me. It was good at getting strong lip colours off but I have found other products to work better (Clinique's Take the Day Off for lids lashes and lips for example or my Bioderma H20 cleanser) but this is just what I have found, other people may disagree. I don't think I will be re-buying this as I have found a few other products that do the same job for better value. £14
And there you have my August empties!


  1. I've heard great things about Face and Body, the bottle does look like it would last forever! I prefer foundations with a dewy/glowy and natural looking finish so this might be perfect for me, especially since I also swear by Real Techniques to apply my foundation :)

    1. Yup, the brushes are great! I like this foundation, it's worth getting a sample to see how it sits on your skin, sometimes in the winter I find I need something a bit creamier as I get quite dry skin. But if my skin is behaving I love this foundation :) x

  2. Thats good to know about the make up remover - sometimes we go for Mac products and pay the extra just for the name and because we know the make up is so lovely , but I wont bother with the remover either I don't think!! Thank you! Like to hear what people think! X

    1. I know, I agree sometimes the name can lure you in! not really tried other skincare from MAC so not sure what that's like but wasn't over impressed with this remover! x

  3. i love these sort of posts :)
    lovely blog btw, just discovered it! x

    1. Aww thanks :) and thank you for the follow! xx


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