Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Favourites

Can you believe July is over? It's went by really fast and I don't think I've seen much sun yet! Here's my round up of the products I've been loving this month.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical
To be honest this is a favourite all year round, and I like the cherry scented one too but I have been enjoying a smaller sized can in my bag for those days when my hair feels in need of a boost. This gives great texture and volume.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Semi Precious Pearl
A great powder highlighter that makes my skin look golden and glowy.

Lipsticks L-R Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart, a punchy but wearable bright pink. I've been wearing this loads. MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2, this is a very pale nude, not the easiest colour to wear I have to mix it with a peachy gloss over the top so my lips don't look non-existent but I love the nude pale effect it gives on my lip and the consistency. Maybelline Extreme Moisture Lipstick in Nude Blush, this is a great wearable everyday nude, slightly pink in tone but a great sheer moisturising formula.

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink 
I LOVE this little pot of lipbalm, such a great pretty colour and feels and smells gorgeous. It even looks good in small amounts on your cheeks to give a subtle glossy sheen.

Sleek Blush in Aruba (Caribbean Collection, Limited Edition)
This bright orange blush looks a bit intimidating in the pan but I love the way it gives a healthy pop of colour to the cheeks. It's great and long lasting, I usually wear just a touch of this in the daytime and build up the colour if I want a stronger look.

L'oreal Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream
Have just started using this this month, really want to up my game in terms of remembering to put a night cream on as part of my skincare routine. I like the luxurious feel and smell of this and my skin has been feeling lovely and smooth in the mornings since using it. I have pretty dry skin, and whilst I don't have wrinkles (yet!) I want to keep them away for as long as possible!

Lush Sympathy for the Skin Moisturising Body Lotion
I first discovered this when I had a Saturday job in Lush (a while ago when I was at uni, it was dangerous as I would often want to spend my whole wages in the shop!) but have recently re-discovered my love for it. It's a bit of a strange one to have in a summer favourites post as it has the most amazing custard-y vanilla smell which is really comforting but I associate it with being comfy and snuggled into a fluffy bathrobe in winter, it you like vanilla you will love this. It smells so good and leaves my skin feeling soft and really moisturised.

Garnier Summer Body (Deep Sun- Kissed Look)
I've been using this every other day this month to try and get some colour into my sun starved skin! It gives a really good colour and smells quite nice too. I will definitely be repurchasing this when it's finished and I prefer it to the other body lotion tanners I've tried (Dove, Johnsons etc).

So there you have it, my July favourites!


  1. All very coral-orange summery items!
    i share the same love as you!

    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom
    Facebook: Miss Kwong From Catwalk to Classroom

    1. Thanks :) I love the coral shades! x

  2. I have the MAC Skinfinish in Semi Precious Pearl too, so pretty <3, one of my favourites too.

    Sadie x

    1. Yes it gives a gorgeous glow to the skin! x

  3. I love Viva Glam Gaga 2. Such a pretty nude. xx

    1. I agree! Love it, the gloss is lovely as well :) x


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