Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Nars "Larger than Life" Long Wear Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte

I have to admit when shopping in big department stores I usually remain faithful to my all time favourite brand MAC but on my last trip to House of Frasers a friend and I stopped by NARS (NARS is her favourite for eyeshadows) and I picked up a few things. It was going to be too long to put them all in one post so I am going to split them up and do several different ones.
Firstly I wanted to show an eye-liner I picked up.
Larger than Life Long Wear Eyeliner is a new pencil from NARS which is rich creamy and, NARS claim, "budge-proof" for long wear, with no smearing or caking. There are 11 shades, all named after famous streets, such as Abbey Road (a gorgeous bright turquoise) or Madison Avenue (a classic slate grey)
I chose a beige shade called "Rue Bonaparte" to use on the waterline inside my lower lid. I can find white a little too stark for my skintone, and the beige just gives a clean fresh "wide eyed" look no matter what eyeshadow you are wearing (except a smokey eye where you would probably want to line the inner eyes with a dark pencil)  whether you are just going for a lick of mascara or some simple black liner on your top lid.
 The formula is creamy and soft, and it definitely doesnt budge once applied. Be warned the effect of the beige is subtle, but it rids the inner eye of any redness, and makes your eyes look slightly bigger opening them up. What I also liked about this was the twist up delivery at the end of the pencil (You can just see it in the picture here) which made it even easier to use.

This pencil isn't cheap at £17 but if you are looking for a luxury pencil eyeliner which is creamy and long lasting, you could do worse than check out one of the 11 shades this pencil comes in. You can see the range of liners and other NARS products at their webpage
Do any of you like to wear white/beige liner on the waterline as part of your eye-make up look?



  1. I've seen a few people lately say they use neutral or nude tone liners for their water line but I've never tried it myself. I may have to! xo

    1. You should give it a try, I hadn't tried it until I went to the counter, the salesperson put it on me and I was sold! (I'm such an easy customer haha) x


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