Tuesday, 18 September 2012

MAC Freckletone Lipstick- My "back 2 MAC" freebie!

 Some of you may know about the Back to MAC scheme where you can take in 6 empty primary packages from MAC to be recycled and get any lipstick of your choice in return! This includes limited edition lipsticks but not the Viva Glam ones as 100% of the price of those go towards organisations that help people living with HIV/AIDS. You can return both limited edition products and Viva Glam products as part of your empties and your products don't need to be completely empty if you are returning them, so you can return products you no longer use etc.

 I chose Freckletone for my free lipstick, a peachy toned nude I have heard lots about and rumour has it this is a favourite nude shade of the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce...two people who's make up looks I love.

 You can see from the swatches that it definitely has a peach tone to it which I think is really pretty and stops me from having that foundation very pale lip look which can look weird against my olive skintone. This was a nice warm nude.

 The application was creamy and the formula lasted a good 2-3 hours with lipliner. I love this scheme by MAC and wish more brands did something similar as it really encourages recycling and trying out different shades/products. So get saving your empties!
 The following are not accepted as packaging at MAC: 
  • Any secondary packaging ie paper boxes, plastic wrappers and shopping bags.
  • Samples and trial sized products
  • Cosmetic applicators, sponges, tweezers and disposable applicators
  • Accessories such as bags and make up cases
But you can take in pretty much anything else! I took in several empty eye-shadow compacts, an old lipstick, an empty eye-make up remover bottle and some empty foundation bottles.


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  1. nice!

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