Sunday, 7 October 2012

Angelica Nail Polish in Tantrum

Whilst on a recent trip to Primark I passed by their range of nail polishes from Angelica. I picked up a coppery red metallic shade called Tantrum.

Priced at only £2.50 the polishes are a bargain but I was a bit sceptical about what they would be like to use. I was pleasantly surprised as the colour went on well and smoothly. In the photos I've taken here I have applied two coats. The one negative is the brush which was a little soft and didn't make it the easiest to apply, but it was OK, you just have to be a bit careful with it as the soft brush can make it difficult to be accurate when applying the polish.

The colour itself is really shimmery, golden and has little tiny bits of glitter rather than chunks of sparkle to it, which I like.

The polishes come in a wide range of colours and I think this one is a nice Autumnal shade. There are lots to choose from so check them out the next time you are picking up a Primark bargain, you may just find one that goes with the outfit in your basket!



  1. Gorgeous colour :) xx

  2. I also had issues with the Angelica brushes, they can sometimes be uneven, pity because they have such fabulous colours, sometimes I buy them and use a different brush. Love the colour!

    1. Yeah the brushes aren't too great, that's a good idea about using a different brush! xx


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