Wednesday, 17 October 2012


 For some reason I seem to be using things up very slowly recently so it's taken me a bit of time to gather these empties together... I will need to start sifting though my big boxes of products in the bathroom a bit quicker! Here goes my empties for this month and last month.

1. Creightons Mango and Papaya Balance Bath and Shower:
This smells lovely and fruity, almost like Starburst sweets, although in the colder months I tend to go for more cuddly warm vanilla type scents so got a bit fed up with this after a while! The consistency wasn't very thick either so I would say it's maybe better for pouring into a bath. The bottle is huge 500mls and only cost a couple of pounds in Superdrug I think.

2. Simple Moisturising Facial Wash: I was really unimpressed with this. Despite stating it is moisturising I found that for me personally, it left my dry skin feeling tight and not very clean. I won't be repurchasing this. Again this was very cheap at £1.28

3. Simple Eye Make up Remover: Again I wasn't wowed by this product as I felt I had to use loads to get more stubborn eye make up off. Although it's cheap at £1.32 I wouldn't really say it was great value as I ended up using lots of it at a time. It's OK, but have tried other drug store  eye-make up removers that work better, Nivea for example. 

4.BiodermaCrealine H20: Onto something amazing. I can't praise this enough for taking make up off, including stubborn eye and lip make up. I know lots of bloggers rave about this but to me it's worth the hype. Although it's not as cheap as some removers (I got mine for about £12 on Ebay) it lasts forever as the bottle is huge and it really works. It doesn't irritate the skin and does exactly what it says without feeling oily, or too astringent. I use this one without fragrance and I think there is one for oilier skins too. I always have a bottle of this on the go!

5.No 7 Time Resisting Night Cream: This cream smells gorgeous and is lovely and thick. I feel like it really gives my skin a moisture boost after cleansing at night. As this is an old pot of cream No 7 have rejigged their creams a little bit and given them different names but I think this one was about £22.

6. Arran Aromatics Just Grapefruit Shower Gel: I did a post on this a while back when I visited Arran and bought loads of stuff from the shop there. This smells amazing! If you like zesty, sweet citrus smells then this is for you. This 300mls bottle lasted me really well as you only need a small amount for a good lather in the shower and to smell delicious! I will definitely re-purchase this in the future. £12.75

7.Batiste Big and Bouncy  XXL volume dry shampoo: I love Batiste and always rely on the dry shampoo to give my hair some extra oomph, body and texture and thought this would be perfect but to be honest, I think the normal version is better as this made my hair feel a little bit hard, and dry almost like hairspray. Good for holding hair in place, but I prefer the texture the normal stuff gives me.

8.Volumizer Mascara by Bourjois: This mascara has two options where the brush lifts and separates the lashes then you screw the lid into another bit of mascara and it's meant to add loads of volume, to be honest the first application was OK but on "step 2" the brush picked up so much product and just glooped my eyelashes together with loads of mascara. It looked and felt messy rather than adding volume gradually and carefully to separate the lashes using this just felt messy with loads of product everywhere. In short gimmicky, but not for me. £10.49

9. VO5 Plump it up Weightless Mousse: Yes yes, I confess I still use mousse, I'm retro. But as a fine textured curly haired girl it's been a long and hard battle to find products that work in my hair, defining it without making it look like dried out super noodles and at the same time not weighing it down... it's tough! This mousse is lightweight and doesn't leave the hair dry or crispy. Result! I like the smoothing one specifically for curly hair too.

so there's my empties for this month, thanks for reading!


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