Sunday, 11 November 2012

Olia by Garnier Permanent Hair Colour

I started regularly dying my hair at home about 2 or 3 years ago and it's safe to say that I've tried most of the hair dyes out there that are available, L'oreal, Nice and Easy, Swhwarzkopf...Superdrug's own make, Garnier Nutrisse, John Frieda... you name it. Since I have started dying my hair at home I have often been disappointed at how messy it can be, how quickly non-permanent ones fade, the horrible smell of permanent dyes... until now!
I've been on the hunt for a decent hair dye for a while and noticed when at my haridressers the last time that there is a new breed of hair dye (the one my hairdressers is L'Oreal Inoa) which is ammonia free, and, because it's oil based, is really nourishing for your hair. I chose shade 3.0 in soft black. My hair is naturally very dark brown.

So Garnier have been the first brand to release an oil based at home hair dye, Marie Clair magazine have declared it a "dream dye"...and I think it's amazing! Each pack comes with developer cream and colourant, gloves, and an intense conditioner to use after the colouring process is done. The whole thing takes about 30 mins. 

The dispenser bottle is teardrop shaped and easy to hold with a precise nozzle to get the colour right at the roots. The first thing I noticed straight away was the pleasant fruity floral smell of the dye, usually I'm gagging with the ammonia in at home permanent dyes but this one was lovely. The consistency was just right and didn't drip even when my hair was totally covered in dye, plus it was really easy to pile my shoulder length hair up and just leave it sitting there whilst I waited for the colour to develop. (I applied the colour to my dry unwashed hair)

The instructions recommended massaging the colour around before rinsing to activate the oils then rinse until the water was clear. This was so easy to use and the results are great. My hair is shimmery and shiny and not a flat dull looking black like it has been when I have dyed it before. I think this worked extra well on my hair as my hair is dry and naturally curly so the oil based formula really seemed to give my hair boost and shine. I will definitely be re-purchasing this as the difference was noticeable straight away. My hair was soft healthy and the colour was strong and even throughout my hair. I'm so impressed with this hair dye! Olia is priced at £6.99 and is available in Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets.


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