Sunday, 3 February 2013

MUA eyeshadows in shades 24, 27 +29

Anyone looking for a cheap update to their eyeshadow collection could do worse than having a look at MUA, their shadows come in at just £1 each, which is such a bargain! Here's a post about 3 I bought recently.
The packaging is basic and does the job well enough. There are a whopping 34 shades to choose from with everything from brights to naturals.

First up is shade 29 (none of the colours have names unfortunately, just numbers) which is an olive metallic green.

Shade 24 is a purple/pink metallic colour.

And last up is shade 27,  light metallic brown.

L-R: 29, 24, 27.

As you can see from the swatches the colours are pretty pigmented and give off a lovely metallic sheen, I found the formula buildable and soft to use.

I am really pleased with these shadows and feel they would look great paired with a darker shadow for a smokey metallic eye or as a sheer wash for a more daytime look. MUA really is amazing in terms of value for money, choice and colour pay off for just a pound! They can be picked up at Superdrug or online here.


  1. Shade 29 is a bit like woodwinked. So pretty!

  2. Yeah it's a lovely shade! Such a bargain too :) x


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