Saturday, 2 March 2013

Clinique colour surge eyeshadow quad in "Strawberry Fudge" and "Like Mink"

 My friend recently got a free gift with some things she was buying from Clinique and this neutral eyeshadow quad was one of them. She decided to give it to me as she doesn't really wear these colours and I was more than happy to take it off her hands and try it out! I love all different colours when it comes to make up but always know that neutral, browns and golden tones look quite nice on me (I have olive skin and dark brown eyes), I tend to gravitate towards these colours when I want to look natural and "polished". 

Looking at the Clinique website it would seem that this quad is made up of two eyeshadow duos so and that the shadows aren't sold in this particular format usually, but all the shades are available. Anyway, onto the shadow...

 The duos that are contained in this are Strawberry Fudge and Like Mink. Strawberry Fudge are the top two shadows in the picture. A light golden pink and a deep metallic ever so slightly purple-ish brown.

 Underneath that along the bottom is Like Mink, a golden pale beige and a deeper warmer coppery brown. I have to say I haven't went for eye shadows from Clinique before and usually stick to their lipgloss/balms and eye make up remover so didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised, these colours were creamy and applied really well. After applying them on top of MAC's Groundwork paintpot as a primer they lasted all day.

 The colours are pretty subtle, and I've been wearing them most days for work as part of a very natural looking face, I think my favourite is the Strawberry Fudge as I love the golden pink tone and brown. In terms of Like Mink I've been using the barely there beige gold as a highlighter and in the inner corners of my eyes with the dark brown along the socket and lash line. 

The Clinique website prices the duos at £20 each, whilst I am not sure I would rush out and pay that for them myself I did think the formulas were nice and they are an easy, neutral option for the office/work. So thank you Debbie! Your donation was appreciated. 

Have any of you guys used Clinique shadows? What are your favourites?



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