Saturday, 6 July 2013

Want, Need, Wear, Read.

Inspired by similar posts on some of my favourite blogs I decided to do one of these. It's basically a wishlist post but categorised into something I want, something I need, something to wear and something to read sections. Hope you enjoy!

Want: A pair of Raybans. I love wearing sunglasses when the sun (rarely) comes out, but have this bundle of cheap ones from all over the high street, which I am pretty sure don't protect my eyes properly, even though they look nice. For ages I've wanted a classic pair of Raybans to shield my eyes on  Summer's day, and I love these tortoise shell beauties. 

Need: More Summer sandals. Seriously, I feel my feet are permanently glued into my black leather ballet pumps from Office (which I love) but I'm ready for something a bit more sunshine friendly, like these ones from Madewell
Wear: I love this cute Summer dress from River Island. It's a wee bit nautical, with it's navy stripes; and the white lace inserts make it look pretty and fresh. I love the cinched in waist and little pockets.

Read: Night Film by Marisha Pessi. This book follows an investigative journalist trying to unearth the truth about the apparent suicide of a reclusive horror film director's daughter. I read a review on this and really want it for my next read...


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