Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lush Bloggers Event: Mother's Day and Easter Launch

Last week I was luckily invited to exclusively view and try out Lush's latest products for Mother's Day here in the UK and for Easter, at the Lush store in Braehead. Since March is finally here I thought I would share some of my thoughts and pictures from the night...

Lush is an amazing ethical company who pride themselves on using fresh, handmade cosmetics and products. The company use 100% recycled, or very little packaging at all, don't test on animals or trade with anyone who does, and campaign for lots of charities and good cause. You can read all about their values here.

Onto the event, we were greeted by Victoria and her lovely team at Braehead, and introduced to all of the products in the shop in little groups. These guys are seriously knowledgeable and passionate about their products, and were on hand to answer any questions we had. Once we had sampled what was on offer in terms of the staple Lush products (and treated ourselves to some yummy cupcakes) it was onto the new range...

If you are looking to treat your Mum this mother's day then Lush have loads to offer. Bubble bars, melts, and gifts small and large. My personal favourites were Secret Garden, a bath ballistic which has an amazing floral fruity scent, it contains rose, marigold, blue mallow and yellow rose bud for a bouquet in your bath! Here's Victoria putting one in the window to fizz away and cause passers by to wonder what we were up to!

 Hmmm... it smelled so good!

If bubbles are more your mum (or your) thing then the cute Mumkin bubble bar is filled with a delicious, uplifting raspberry and lemon scent for a fruity bath full of bubbles. You can break these up and get 2-3 baths out of these as they give off so much fruitiness and bubbles just from crumbling them under hot running water.

For Easter there are so many cool gifts and treats to try. Just look at those knotted  Funny Bunny gifts!!

My favourites were the carrot soap (It's shaped like a HUGE CARROT!) which smelled like tropical fruit juice and contains cocoa butter to keep your skin soft and smooth, and the Golden Egg bath melt/bath bomb. Perfect for a shimmering, golden honey scented bath (it smells just like Lush's bestselling Honey I washed the Kids soap.

Passing round the amazing smelling products and creating bubbles!

For a full list of the new range and all the other fabulous Lush products on offer please check out their website here you can order online or better still go into your local Lush store and experience all the great smells, sights, and textures firsthand! The staff at Breahead were so lovely, so passionate and so genuinely excited about the products, the benefits of them and the Lush ethos, that it was infectious. I ended up treating myself to a body scrub, a fresh facemask and a bath melt and will definitely be returning in the not so distant future for more! Thank you to all at Braehead for such a fun evening. You can check them out on twitter @LushBraehead



  1. Gosh! I love Lush and everything they stand for! This makes me want to head to a lush store (the closest to me is 2.5 hours away! )

    1. Haha! I love their stores, they smell so good! x

  2. Looks like an amazing night! I am so so jealous, I just want to buy the whole shop :)

    1. Haha! It was a great night, and everything smelt so good! x


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