Sunday, 1 June 2014

Limited Edition Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Apricot

Despite my love of all things glow inducing in make up, for some reason I had never explored the world of Bobbi Brown's award winning Shimmer Bricks.  I picked up this limited edition one recently as after the woman on the counter applied it to my cheekbones, I was in love. 

The Shimmer Bricks are shimmering baked, brush on powders which add a golden "lit form within" glow to the skin. They are supposed to be brushed over cheekbones and any areas of the skin you want to highlight, although some of the colours could easily double up as eyeshadows too. 
I just tend to use a big powder brush over all five shades in the palette and sweep over any areas where light naturally hits the face after I have applied blusher.

A little goes a long way, this Apricot brick is limited edition and is part of the Nectar and Nude range from Bobbi Brown, but there are several other colours to choose from in the range, including more pink and bronze tones depending on what suits your skintone and what look you want to create.

The packaging is sleek and the compact comes with a great mirror so its great for carrying around and touching up throughout the day.

Shimmer Bricks are priced at £32.00 and are available at Bobbi Brown counters nationwide.



  1. I was hoping you would post some pics of this. Really want to try one of these - looks beautiful cx

    1. Thank you my lovely! Yeah it's really nice on, they have other pretty colours too xx

  2. Aw it looks gorgeous! I'll need to get my hands on a nice shimmer for the summer xo

  3. That looks so beautiful! Nothing like I thought it would look swatched though, much prettier

  4. :) I really like it! Anything to give a glow... x


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