Sunday, 17 August 2014

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Beach Bronze

Smudgy, sexy, metallic eyes achieved in less than five minutes and with your fingers? Yup. Here are my thoughts on the metallic Long-Wear shadow by Bobbi Brown....

One of my favourite smokey eye looks is using bronzes and brown shades for something a bit different to the usual grey/black. It brings out the warmth in brown eyes and can make green/blue out really stand out. I also love using cream formulas as they are easy to blend, and can be applied in minutes with your fingers or just buffed on with a brush. 

This shadow by Bobbi Brown was the first cream shadow of theirs I have used. The formula has consistently won awards from top fashion and beauty magazines like Tatler and In-Style for being long-lasting. I will say that for £19 the pot is TINY, but you only need a very small amount to cover your whole eyelid.

The resulting effect is soft, subtle and I think, gorgeous. If I want a sheer wash of colour, I just apply it straight to the eye-lid with my fingers. If I want to build up the colour I apply a couple of layers with a brush and then buff out the edges with a second, clean fluffy brush.

In terms of creating a dramatic eye look, if you want a darker shade I would go for something like Constructivist Paintpot by MAC. I do find that the Bobbi Brown formula lasts a bit long and stays crease free throughout the day. Perfect for a more soft, smudgy, smokey eye, especially when you are short of time or its hot weather and you don't want to wear much make up. It comes in 18 shades and is available at Bobbi Brown counters or online.



  1. Lovely colour for day time wear!

  2. Got this one and really like it! Constructivist is my favourite cream eyeshadow ever!

  3. I really like this!
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