Sunday, 26 April 2015

MAC neutral/brown eyeshadow palette

So right now its all about the neutrals for me. In a nod to the 90's (I remember well the days when I used to head to the Bodyshop pocket money in hand for my trusty brown eyeshadow and matte Terracotta lippy thinking I was the shiz. I wasn't. I really wasn't. Thankfully things have changed but I still love a neutral eye and wanted to share with you a few of my favourite brown/neutral shades from MAC...

When you want subtle definition, and to look pulled together but not overdone, you can't really go wrong with these shades. L-R Omega (Great for filling in brows if you are fair skinned) Espresso, Era and Charcoal Brown. For ease I purchased the pro-palette version of these shadows and put them together to form my own neutral palette. 

L-R: Omega, Espresso, Era and Charcoal Brown.

Eyeshadow refills for the pro palette case are priced at £10 each and are avilable from MAC



  1. Gorgeous colours, great choices!

    Kelly x

  2. Oh my! I too have recently discovered the joys of a build-your-own Mac palette, but me being the greedy, obsessive woman that I am, bought the 15 space one. I am now on a mission to fill that bad boy, so thanks for these suggestions. The colours are right up my street! (oh and to make you feel better, I was an end of the 80's child, when I obviously looked the nuts in pink and blue eyeshadow) !!!
    Kerry x

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  4. hı dear great post!!

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  5. Some great choices here! Xx

    An Impatient Scottish Girl


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