Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentine's Beauty Favourites

Whether you do Valentine's or think it's a load of old nonsense everyone loves a good beauty product (nope, just me?) So here's a quick post on some of my favourite Valentine's bits for a night out or a cosy pampering night in...
For those in the mood to hit the town some of my favourite make up bits to get you looking (and smelling) amazing are as follows:Left to right: Daniel Sandler Lipstick in what else? Valentina. This is a deep gorgeous raspberry red, which is creamy in formula despite being matte and gives you gorgeous bold kissable lips. Then we have a fragrance favourite of mine, Tom Ford's Velvet Orchid. This to me is full on sexy, heavy seductive perfume, not for the faint hearted or for those who like their scents to get noticed. It's not cheap but it looks great on your dressing table and even more importantly smells amazing. Next up is a new discovery of mine, Smith and Cult's nail polish in Lover's Creep. Beautiful, dark berry toned nails will be yours with this fabulously packaged polish. Some of you kids may remember Hard Candy? Well this is the new product from the brains behind that innovative brand. Check out their web page for more lust worthy colours... it's fab. Last up is a neutral eye shadow beauty from Kiko in the shade 118. This pearly pink shade looks amazing with the dark lipstick without being over the top. I absolutely love this brand, it's so affordable and has some great products. 

 Don't fancy making up and hitting the town? How about a pampering session at home?
I've recently been loving the products from Sanctuary Spa

They have a gorgeous range which is perfect for a Zen like chilled out evening in (good book and glass of wine/cup of herbal tea optional) The luxury bath float has a lovely oriental scent, contains Vitamin E to nourish the skin and creates mounds of fluffy bubbles for you to relax in. Afterwards I like to smother my skin in the Ultimate Salt Scrub, (it can also be applied pre bath or shower to dry skin)

It comes in a HUGE tub, be generous! This amazing scrub contains sea salt from the Dead Sea to help with skin renewal and coconut, jojoba and almond oil to thoroughly moisturise and sink deep into the skin. When rinsed off my skin felt silky smooth and smelt pretty good too!
Once patted dry my skin felt really soft and probably didn't need it but I went for another layer of moisture and slathered the Air Whipped Creme Souffle all over. 

As the name the suggests this has a super light "bubbly" texture, It contains super moisturising and softening mango, red seaweed and jojoba. Et voila! My skin felt totally pampered.

Of course no night in pampering is complete without a facial/skincare routine; cleansing balm, facemask, oils, moisturiser, serum, eye cream... I would list all the products I used but this post is already pretty long and I need to get on with my own Valentine's plans :) Whatever you are doing, have a lovely (beautifying) Sunday night!

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